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Pam Lostracco

Pam Lostracco is a muralist and graphic designer in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD with two scholarships, then worked at design studios creating brands, books and illustrations.

With a deep interest in travel and nature, Pam started a mixed-media style of artwork that layered travel photographs with floral drawings. These paintings were exhibited at the McMichael, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Toronto Pearson International Airport. She also collaborated in community art projects with Liberty Village, the TTC and local BIAs. Pam’s artwork has been purchased by the Four Seasons Hotel, Craft Ontario and The Textile Museum of Canada.

Five years ago, Pam’s experience in design and love for the outdoors expanded into a mural business. She’s since painted murals from Toronto to British Columbia in homes, businesses, institutions and hotels. Pam is the originator of the Mountain Mural which continues to go viral on Pinterest and YouTube as people recreate it around the world. Painting murals has become a perfect blend of her skills in art and design, and Pam is excited to keep improving one wall at a time.

Artistic Statement

My work is a study of nature and how it integrates into urban environments. Walking through gardens and forests is my nature-therapy. From exploring parks in Toronto to travelling through landscapes further abroad, I’ve felt a deeper sense of well being. I’m passionate about transferring that feeling by painting murals of nature, to bring more beauty and positivity in our everyday lives.

My process includes researching the location, history, community and how people use the space. I take photographs and draw unique shapes, textures and patterns. My murals range in colour and style to integrate with a given space. A colourful beach sunset reflects the lively and diverse community in Kensington Market, or a calm mountain-scape greets visitors and connects them to the surrounding view at Grouse Mountain Resort. Every mural is designed to make an interior or public space feel uplifting, inviting and engaging.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Photography

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