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PA System

PA System artists, Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Thompson, have exhibited their work internationally in institutions such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, the University of New Mexico Art Gallery, and the Guanlan International Printmaking Base in China.

The Canadian duo collaborate on paintings both on and off the street, as well as on lithographs, screen-prints, doodled Indian buffet napkins and tidal ice walls. Their work is fed by memories of place, feelings, and stories: "We sail the seas guided by mistakism, errorism and art flubbery. We pull from a Rolodex of soundbites, people, stories and a disorderly color sense grown organically while traveling to places with thousand year histories and curious names like Kangiqsujuaq, Luxor, Gatineau, Xingping, PaK-Chong, Igloolik and Boulder. We draw from each other, collaborate with people everywhere and have no plan to stop."

Artistic Statement

In many of our outdoor public works we visit the site before beginning the brainstorming process of any particular piece. We find that locations, their intricacies, architectural details, corners, hurdles and surfaces dictate a great deal of the direction we will take. We play off each others' work, and although we will begin a project with a concept sketch, we also allow for freedom of intuition and inspiration to keep our work alive and charged.

Hoardings are either enjoyed up close and on a personal level or they are seen from across a street and often blocked by some scaffold or signage. Keeping this in mind we are interested in creating an experience which engages commuters who are traveling by foot, by bicycle, or by car, at the different speeds and distances they are from the surface of the wall.


Painting, Mixed Media

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