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Oksana Hawrylak

Oksana is an illustrator, printmaker, designer, maker and community arts organizer based in Toronto. Her work is strongly inspired by Ukrainian folk art, craft and traditions, and the natural landscape of Ontario, where she currently resides. She studied Printmaking at OCAD University, and she has exhibited in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and Australia.

Artistic Statement

My work focuses on the importance of exploring and familiarizing ourselves with our natural environment.

I enjoy juxtaposing my drawings of plants, flowers and fungi in urban and rural environments with compelling stories of communities and folk culture. The purpose behind my work is to engage with others so that we may better understand our natural surroundings and their connection to our identity and sense of belonging.


Illustration, Painting, Printmaking/Silkscreening

Artist Website

http://oksana.design/graphics Ig: https://www.instagram.com/oksana.oh/

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