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Nika Belianina

Nika was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, where she completed graduate studies in Psychology. Upon arrival to Canada in 2003, she dove into film and photography; starting out as a lighting technician, she quickly fell in love with telling her own stories through the lens of her camera. Since then, she has made nine short films, which have been screened at international film festivals and earned her six awards. Nika has showcased her art across Belgium, Canada, and the United States in more than 20 venues. Her dominant visual language is magical realism.

Artistic Statement

A lot of my inspiration comes from the mother of all things - nature. Having an MA in psychology keeps me curious about the human nature too. Bonded by social obligations, job expectations and our own goals so many of us concentrate on who we have to be, that we forget and shield from the world who we truly are.

In the submitted "Encounters" series I attempt to break through the implied and forced roles and search for the ever changing self beneath the social masks. My characters struggle to go against the current, feel anxiety of the unknown and fear rejection, yet continue to search for their true selves. Sometimes they’re stuck and face the challenge in an attempt to break free. These encounters with various “selves” are the ongoing battle between who we are and who we want to be. A dichotomy of our true feelings and our ways to hide them.


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