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Ness Lee

Ness Lee is an illustrator/artist based in Toronto. Her Illustrations have been chosen for award publications such as American Illustration 34 and The Society of Illustrators 57. Alongside illustration she is create various forms of art spanning in a variety of mediums- more recently in the form of ceramics and wood. In her work she strives to challenge the perception between fine art and illustration and the traditional notion of where it is applied, utilizing its qualities on unique and unconventional surfaces. Her works are often conceptual and filled with a depth of feeling playing on humorous rhythms.

Artistic Statement

The work that I create is very much so intuitive and emotional. A lot of the work that I produce is sensual and often humorous which derives mostly from my personality. I am often inspired by hybrid forms of art that are unconventional or unique in its function, whether it be as simple as applying illustration on surfaces to shed new light in its function or creating unique artist editions that is one of a kind. The materials I work with varies an is often involved in a course of exploration based on the subject matter and conceptualization of the project-- as of late I have been heavily working with paint, wood, ceramics, sculpture and textiles.


Illustration, Painting

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