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Nathan Cyprys

Nathan Cyprys is an artist and photographer based in Toronto, Canada who holds a BFA in Photography from the Ontario College of Art & Design. Nathan’s art practice is both conceptual and documentary based in approach, ranging from capturing landscapes of the United States on a large format camera, to shooting portraiture and still-life in a studio environment. His art practice considers the human condition and our collective connection to nature.
Nathan’s work has been featured by a number of publications including The Washington Post, American Photography, VICE, and Flash Forward. His work has been exhibited internationally and has been recognized by granting bodies at the municipal and provincial level.

Artistic Statement

Humanity's collective connection to nature and the psychological effect our surroundings impose upon us is something often overlooked. By denying that we too are animals and exist on the same tree of life, we deny this connection to nature that all of us share. Whether documenting a landscape, staging a portrait, or meticulously photographing the night sky, I aim to explore the human condition through my work and the binds that tie us together.



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