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Monica Pramanick

Monica Pramanick grew up outside of Toronto and spent the majority of her time in the city when she started her degree in Mechanical Engineering and Human Geography at the University of Toronto. Pramanick draws inspiration from her surroundings, and throughout her undergrad, she found herself returning to her artistic practice, particularly illustration. Pramanick founded oh no moe illustration to make her art more than just a ‘hobby’. Pramanick was encouraged after witnessing women of colour, young people, and other creatives around the city who looked like her, taking their creative practice to new heights, using whatever resources were available to them.

Artistic Statement

As a Toronto-based illustrator, Pramanick draws inspiration from her surroundings, including people’s interaction with the city, Toronto’s diversity, and elements of both the built and natural environment. Pramanick is interested in the power of children’s literature and curious about how visual storytelling impacts our earliest senses of belonging, identity and what lies within our realm of possibility. Her work is characterized by the use of bold colours and shapes to encourage imagination and playfulness. Pramanick uses a combination of traditional mediums, including watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil, and digital art.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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