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Monica Pramanick

Monica Pramanick is a South Asian illustrator based in Toronto, and a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering/Human Geography at the University of Toronto. oh no moe Illustration was initiated as a commitment to her creative practice as a form of exploring her relationship to self, community and environment. Some of her favourite things are children’s books, bright colours and trying new things.

Artistic Statement

Through her creative practice, she asks herself - what is the impact of visual storytelling on our sense of identity and belonging? How does it influence the way we construct and define our individual realms of possibility? As a diasporic South Asian woman living, working and making in Toronto, she is surrounded by an assembly of contradictions, coexistence and unlikely combinations. These are the forces that inspire her work – the improvised culture she grew up with, the multi-dimensional women who make up her community, and her surrounding environment, both built and natural. She uses a combination of digital art and traditional mediums, such as gouache, pencil and watercolour, to construct a world that feels real to her.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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