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Mirna Chacin

Mirna Chacín is a Venezuelan-born Canadian photo-based visual artist. She immigrated along with her wife in search of the rights, equality and freedom this country promises the LGBTQ2+ community. Since the 1990s, Mirna's artwork has been shown in art galleries, museums, and art festivals in Venezuela, Latin America, Europe, and North America. Her latest solo exhibitions include “Where the Sun Rises,” a public exhibition curated by The STEPS Initiative, and “Paraguaná Project” at The Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia in Venezuela. She participated in several collectives art shows: TD SunFest's "Colores De Latinoamerica in London, Ontario,” "Subject to Change" featured at Contact Festival 2019 "Geographies of Belongings," and "Sons of The Sun," projected on outdoor spaces in Los Angeles during the Month Of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) in 2019.

Shortly before immigrating to Canada in 2011, The University of Zulia (LUZ) awarded Mirna a Gold Medal for her artistic achievements in Venezuela. In Toronto, she was awarded the “Community Impact Award” from the Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto and was one of the recipients of the Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship grant by the Toronto Arts Council. The Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation and RBC have supported Mirna’s artwork.

Artistic Statement

To me, photography is a never-ending way of self-expression to deal with existential issues. Actually, when depressed or in the vertigo of a crisis, it is through photographic work that I manage to restore my inner balance. With my photo series, I have explored love, progress, death, environment and forgotten paradises. As a newcomer, photography is my way of dealing with uprooting and belonging.


Photography, Installation Art

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