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Michael Sachter

Michael is a self-taught, fine art photographer and mixed media artist. He has loved taking pictures and bringing creative pursuits to life since he was a kid. Photography was a private passion until 2010 when Michael decided to work towards sharing his work with the world... and 2014 was Michael’s first step into the public eye. His images are informed by a life surrounded by fine art and they are intended to make you stop, take notice and feel a palpable energy in his work with the goal of making private and public spaces more beautiful and engaging.

A number of Michael’s images are now in public/shared spaces and in private collections in both Canada and the USA.

Artistic Statement

I'm possessed by the desire to capture and make beautiful images I see, or conceive of, that are often hiding "in plain view" or in my imagination. My fine art photography explores abstract expressionism, revealing and amplifying the beauty found in nature and the vibrancy of city life. Coaxing light, media and materials to provoke emotional responses, conversations and engage the public with my photography and art is my aim and my reward.


Photography, Mixed Media

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