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Michael Pitropov

Michael Pitropov is an award winning illustrator originally from a small town and hour east of Toronto. He recently graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University, where he completed a Bachelor of Design in Illustration. He continuously pushes himself to make the most badass images that he can possibly make. His work incorporates vibrant colour schemes and dynamic geometric shapes, which reflect his fun personality and define his point of view. He aims to evoke the sense of breaking through into other worldly, dreamlike spaces.

Artistic Statement

Creating is intrinsic in all of us. Ever since I was a child I was constantly doodling and I never stopped. Making art has become a very personal, introspective experience for me. Through my work I have realized a lot about myself, my taste and I always question my results. I am never satisfied and I want to continue to create and make interesting work while pushing boundaries. My work draws inspiration from old video games, psychedelia, street art, indie games, paintings, illustration, and graphic design.


Illustration, Painting

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