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Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Mauricio is a Guatemalan visual artist based in Toronto. He is interested in exploring the intersections between space, distance and identity. While his preferred medium is gouache, his practice encompasses diverse and innovative media such as vinyl, plexiglass and stainless steel. A graduate from the University of Toronto, he now is developing a new body of work inspired by a period of residence in Brazil.

Artistic Statement

Coming from an abstract tradition rooted in Modernist sensibilities, my artwork aims for the contemplative and the spiritual such as the work of Calder, Rothko, and others. Lately, my work has been born from an ongoing exploration of the psychological processes and emotions produced, negated, and ignored by distance. Spatial memory, conscious longing, and the unknown resonate within that work. Distance is then treated on the canvas, foremost and only, as a metaphysical entity, that is, something beyond a purely physical plane - a felt experience.


Painting, Mixed Media

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