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Matthew Daley

Matthew Daley is a Toronto-based illustrator and award-winning comic creator. His editorial illustrations have appeared in The Boston Globe, Yale Medicine, This Magazine, TV Ontario, and he illustrates all of the fiction for Taddle Creek magazine. He has worked with musicians such as Devo, The Residents and The Lowest of the Low on posters and album artwork. His comic partnership with writer Cory McCallum has appeared in Broken Pencil magazine, and their self-published work (including 2012's Joe Shuster-award-winning "The Pig Sleep: A Mr. Monitor Case" and 2014's "Errol Dynamic") has travelled to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival and can be found online at http://plierpants.com. He works in Toronto's east end where he lives with his adorable wife and equally adorable cat.

Artistic Statement

Colour and texture are important elements of my illustrations. My personal illustrative work is playful and absurd, so one of the main aims of my creations is fun. I work in digital illustration, but I am equally inspired by graphic design and underground comics. I predominantly create using Adobe Illustrator, but I dislike the clean look of most vector art so I mix in hand created textures and stamp-like effects to give my art a rough and distressed look, influenced by a lifetime of underground comics and punk rock aesthetics.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art

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