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Marian Wihak

Born and raised in Saskatchewan and originally trained in theatre design, Wihak is a multi-disciplinary artist working in visual art, film, television, and theatre.

Currently, Ms. Wihak is integrating her visual art and design practices to develop new possibilities for immersive and experiential environments. This serves her overarching interest in the overlapping perceptive and phenomenological aspects of chaos, the sublime, and duration.

Artistic Statement

My aesthetic and practical goal as a designer and a visual artist is to provide evocative, stimulating solutions to a well-crafted story, be it epic and over-arching or intimate and personal, detailed or evocative.

I’m drawn to the ephemeral nature of light, and the sustenance it provides in physical, psychic, and symbolic terms; I use frames within frames, reflections, and translucency as both physical and psychological demarcation. I believe in the potential of the aesthetic experience to help inform and transform our lives in its capacity to show us something we didn’t know we knew by inviting a degree of surprise, reflection and contemplation.


Painting, Photography, Installation Art

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