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Marco Bertuzzo

A Toronto native, Marco Bertuzzo obtained his BFA in drawing and painting at OCAD University. He recently completed his MFA at Central Saint Martin’s College in London, England. Bertuzzo draws upon his experience straddling two cultures, growing up as an Italian-Canadian citizen. His work, which is deeply tied to history, tradition and how it changes over time, is undoubtedly shaped by the unique Canadian experience of being able to retain his heritage and share it in a multicultural community.

Artistic Statement

Bertuzzo takes as his starting point the idea that to find the new, we must reexamine and reconfigure the old. His study of symbols, forms, icons, fables and motifs from history allows him to play with these classical structures and craft new designs, new narratives, encouraging the audience to unearth new meanings from age-old imagery. After all, these days, everything is a remake.


Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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