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Mao Correa

MAO CORREA is a visual artist, painter, and graphic designer who lives in Toronto, Canada. He was born in Santa Martha and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, where he obtained his Graphic Design degree and carried out university studies in painting, drawing, anthropology and plastic arts. Since completing his undergraduate degree he has maintained an independent practice for 25 years as a plastic artist expressing through creating eclectic and visceral art work his fearless attitude against the lack of environmental awareness and frenzied consumerism. Mao Correa has shared his artwork in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Colombia, Central America and most recently, in Canada. His art pieces are part of art collections in United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Artistic Statement

Recycling, reusing and recovering are the art-actions that underlie my artwork. I dedicate my work to the fusion of artistic expression with environmental consciousness, creating unique pictorial pieces made exclusively from recycled materials. From wood and carton pieces, to old and expired paints, which, after a special process, are “reborn” to create new, interesting textures; from glass, and metal to screws, and many other timeless and unconventional materials make my art very eclectic, vibrant, and out of the ordinary. My current art-work, painting and assemblage, conspires to desecrate my internal journey as a new immigrant artist to Canada. Mirroring my own experience, and re-signifying my aesthetics through the view of diversity, I’m now not only breaking down pre-existing materials, reinterpreting and offering them a new form with a new purpose, but also reintegrating my soul to a new country.


Collage, Painting, Mixed Media

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