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Moises Frank (aka Luvsumone) is a Toronto based emerging artist human. A Toronto kid who grew up in Rexdale and studied art in the streets, under bridges, and abandoned buildings he hopes to bring colour to more neighbourhoods and inspire people on the street the way graffiti has inspired him from a young age. He loves pizza, painting and people, and is extremely passionate about education, hip hop, and community.

Artistic Statement

My work reflects my personal experimentation and evolution of what graffiti is to me. This urban phenomenon of "graffiti" has grown and changed so much over the years and I am somewhere in the mess. I am traditional and "purist" in the sense that I use no tape, no stencils, no projections, no brushes or chalk. Everything is done freehanded on the spot with the spray can. However, being a millennial and growing up with the age of the internet my style has been influenced by so many other forms of media and artist all over the world. My "graffiti" tends to break or bend the "rules" of tradition graffiti murals and pushes the boundaries of what graffiti means. I believe this is crucial to the development and growth of graffiti culture.


Painting, Aerosol

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