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Lorie Slater

Lorie Slater is a largely self-taught photographer who has spent over a decade documenting the changing city of Toronto. After working most of her life in the Music Industry, she chose to move in another direction and follow her passion for photography. Slater’s works can be found at The Blue Crow Gallery and The Arts Markets in Riverside, as well as at a number of her recurring shows.

Artistic Statement

Slater’s photographs are limited editions of 25; she mounts them on wood panels and covers them in resin, printing directly onto sheets of aluminum.

Slater allows the camera to guide her to the photo. She claims to enjoy nothing more than wandering through different parts of the city, camera in hand. She is willing to move three blocks over in order to have the sense of being in a different reality. Slater calls Toronto an underappreciated gem, and she aims to show that to as many people as possible through her artistic practice.



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