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Lori Ann Bellissimo

Toronto-born artist Lori-Ann Bellissimo has exhibited widely internationally. Her artwork is collected in corporate and private collections in Canada, the UK, the USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Italy. She has participated in three residencies in Malaysia and Singapore and has lived throughout Italy where she painted the series "Made In Italy" free of the expectations of the marketplace and academia. Bellissimo's artwork was recently featured throughout the new Holt Renfrew Men in Toronto as well as in two design projects in Las Vegas, Nevada: the Alibi Bar at the Aria Hotel and Chef Julian Serrano's Lago at the Bellagio Hotel. Represented in the past, Bellissimo is currently independent of exclusive representation but open to new opportunities. She is currently working on projects in Canada and the USA.

Artistic Statement

Lori-Ann Bellissimo's practice deconstructs myths concerning 'the cosmos versus humanity' and whether spiritual doctrine is beyond or within the world we live in. Re-negotiating traditional definitions within painting, sculpture and digital art, she pitches colour against perspective exploring spatial depth and shadows on non-traditional substrates. Paints, phosphorescence, inks, graphite and digital media lie within the architecture (inspired largely by astrological charts of pop icons, geometry, Italian streets and fashion), are filled with water-based resin, blurring external and internal space. Repetition of abstract elements float above hand carved ornamental narratives referencing the colour history of Western and non-Western Art, her roots in both modern design and the diverse cultures around the world where she has lived. Often Italian Agate, varnishes made from distilled metals and Google Night Sky are used in the architecture of her picture plane. Paint is sealed between layers of aqua-resin.


Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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