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Linh Thai

Linh Thai is a multidisciplinary artist and art instructor based in Mississauga. Thai enjoys exploring different mediums, but her true love is drawing. She creates whimsical illustrations that attempt to push the boundaries of what a traditional drawing can be. Thai has layered flat papercuts to create dimension (Summer 1998 in the Mekong River) and projected through drawings to create an immersive experience (YYZ). Sometimes that means collaging the real with the imagined by integrating photographs into drawings or illustrations (Keelesdale & Sculpture Court Skate Park).

Artistic Statement

Thai’s work is primarily drawing-based: paper cuts, light installations, photo-drawing collages, and most recently mural art. She enjoys making work that is either small and intricate or massive. She is largely inspired by stories and storytelling. Shadow puppetry, animation, folk tales, and tales her parents tell her are all things she has drawn inspiration from. A lot of her process is about finding ways to share stories she has either learned or encountered and sharing those experiences with the viewer. Thai strives to make art that exists between two and three dimensions.


Collage, Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Stencil Art, Installation Art

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