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Leah Gold

Leah Gold is a Toronto-based artist and educator who has recently exhibited her drawings at Okazi Gallery in Berlin. She manages a collective studio space in Chinatown, where she produces drawings, prints, and other objects. Leah has also been involved in a variety of community arts initiatives throughout the city of Toronto, including working with Art Heart Community Art Centre, Arts Etobicoke/Lakeshore Arts, and the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for the Arts. Leah holds a BFA from Concordia University.

Artistic Statement

Big City Beasts depicts a variety of animals engaged with specific places in Toronto. The drawings stem from my affection for my hometown, and from my predilection to create narratives for the places, animals, and people that cross my path.

The animals in the drawings have developed curious adaptations to their surroundings: the seagulls have grown an extra head to better compete for scraps; the sloths have abandoned the forests of Central America for the tangle of wires about College Street; the elephants get to work pushing broken-down subway cars.

The drawings themselves are done in pen and ink, have also been reworked into colourful screenprints. Generally speaking, I am interested in organic forms and natural patterns, obsessive inkwork, and personal connections to public places.



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