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Lauren Pirie

Lauren Pirie is a multidisciplinary artist, freelance illustrator, and muralist. She has been commissioned to paint murals in Oaxaca, Mexico, the Facebook Toronto headquarters, and is the curator for DEAR SUMMER Toronto live mural events. Her work has appeared in magazines, children's books, galleries, installations, and film.

Outside the studio, Lauren works to harness creative forces and collaborate on community projects. Lauren is a co-founder of grassroots art and environmental organization, The About Face Collective, and has worked with organizations like Sketch, Centre for Social Innovation, Skate4Cancer, and DUDEBOX. In November, she spoke at TEDxYouth on the subject of art and its power as a tool for inward reflection and outward connection.

She’s lived in various cities, small towns, the middle of nowhere, and by the ocean whenever possible, but continues to come home to Toronto. She’s a pretty darn good canoeist, a mediocre surfer, and an expert at removing chocolate stains from drawings.

Artistic Statement

My drawings live outside a defined space or time, often floating in the realm of women, in a place where we can embrace darkness in order to let go, or harness its power to take to battle in the real world. Using a combination of intricate line work, and flowing ink or blended paint, the process is a balance of meticulous control—debatably obsession—and letting go. Loyal to the natural and the supernatural, with human nature at the centre, everything here is connected and intertwined; hands, used for their expressiveness, and serpents, which are often perceived as evil, but hold ties to the Earth Mother, creative energy, water, and the underworld. I deal with our anxieties and our fantasies, and most simply, with feelings. A sense of touch is important, and a sense of humor is always there, sometimes hiding in the shadows with our demons, both often here to help.


Illustration, Painting, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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