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Kirsten McCrea

Born in Edmonton, AB, Kirsten is a Canadian artist who landed in Montreal for a few years en route to her current home in Toronto.

At the core of her practice is the idea that art is for everyone. Since 2008 she has run the affordable art subscription Papirmass, and frequently collaborate with the En Masse Collective.

Kirsten has created dozens of murals and outdoor public art installations internationally, including the Sea Wall’s Love Letters Festival (Toronto), Osheaga (Montreal), Up Here Festival (Sudbury), the San Diego Art Fair (USA), and the Shanghai International Arts Festival (China). My 2017 mural clients include Facebook, Friends of the Pan Am Path, and the Drake Hotel.

Her work has been exhibited in Toronto's AGO, Montreal's Musée des Beaux Arts, and many private galleries, and has appeared in numerous publications, including The Globe and Mail, Canadian Art, Fast Company, and BUST Magazine.

Artistic Statement

I draw obsessively, adore adornment, make art accessible, & collaborate often.

My art practice is multi-disciplinary, but revolves around a central goal: to produce work that is well crafted, visually appealing, and meaningful.

My artworks play with patterning, painted as if successive layers of wallpaper have been removed from a wall, casually revealing the contrasting elements that lay beneath. Pattern, in the form of repeating decorative motifs, is a ubiquitous form of human expression. By showcasing a multiplicity of motifs from around the world, my layered murals represent the diverse intersection of cultures that make up contemporary cities.

I look for local lore to add to my pieces, and strive to create works of art that engage the public through a carefully-considered pairing of aesthetics and intention. I adore urban planning, public art, and the minute details that can make moving through a city an exciting experience.


Illustration, Painting, Aerosol, Stencil Art

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