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Kayla Buium

Kayla Buium, the street artist known as Milkbox, is a muralist, illustrator and sculptor from Toronto, Canada. She uses bright hues, limited colour palettes, grainy textures and bold lines to create simple yet visually engaging works of art. Buium has been an assistant to the painting of a 23-storey mural with Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, as well as to renowned Toronto street artist Jerry Rugg (aka Birdo). Her other projects include art installations for Camp Wavelength Music Festival two years in a row, and illustrations for clients such as Hallmark Movies and Warner Brothers. Buium has completed numerous mural commissions for Toronto building owners, and she has also collaborated with Venezuelan muralist AlfAlfA. In 2019, she donated a mural to the city of Flint, Michigan, debuting her street artist moniker “Milkbox” alongside the project.

Artistic Statement

Kayla Buium is inspired by the minds of Dr. Seuss, Hieronymus Bosch, and the Hairy Who comic arts collective. She enjoys the light, playful and yet satirical approach that these artists use to face real-world issues, and aims to incorporate this practice in her work. Enlarging images helps her unravel complex ideas and connect with the local community. Buium is grateful for these opportunities because the people she meets in the public art world help her understand the world better.


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