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Katrina Jurjans

Katrina graduated from Concordia University in 2014 with a joint major in Art History and Studio Art, and will be starting a Master of Architecture at the University of Toronto this September. Her paintings rely on the more concrete language of colour, pattern, layering and spatial tension to address ideas that circulate in the realm of displacement, isolation, in-between, memory, instability and intimacy. Formed in a process nourished by blurring of these notions, her work breaks free from a fixed concept, becoming instead a layered solidification of thoughts. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and has shown her work in both Ontario and Quebec.

Artistic Statement

My process typically starts with sectioning off borders and then painting a patterned background, which I then layer on top of. While layering, I allow some things to come through (i.e. patterns to become the skin of figures, the foundation of a plant etc) and block other things out. I am very interested in the dissolution of borders, which manifest in an uncertainty where things begin and end as well as patterns breaking free from their traditional material and finding their way onto other space in the painting. The painting is a consistent balancing of colours. I primarily use acrylic as its fast drying time is conducive to my process, while also occasionally adding in elements of mixed media.


Painting, Mixed Media

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