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Katrina Canedo

Katrina was born in Cebu, Philippines and moved to Toronto, Canada with her family on December 28, 1998, when she was 8 years old. Surrounded by skilled drawers like her cousins and uncles, her artistic side sparked from a very young age. Growing up and immersing herself in Toronto’s culturally diverse community, connecting with people from various sorts of colourful and vibrant backgrounds eventually became a huge part of Katrina’s art.

Graduating from the Independent Illustration program at Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology in 2015, she has since gone on to exhibit in multiple galleries across Toronto, including Only One Gallery and Northern Contemporary Gallery. She’s also collaborated with multiple organizations for the City of Toronto (such as The PATCH Project, The STEPS Initiative, and StreetARToronto) and worked on projects with Warner Music, New Balance, NYX Cosmetics, and Reebok.

It wasn't until she discovered a local painting competition called "Art Battle" and winning her first competition in 2016 that she realized how much she had absolutely loved the thrill and excitement of creating live art in front of an audience. Since then, she’s proudly added 'live painter' to her list of skills and achievements. Some of her most notable performances include live painting for iHeart Radio’s Newstalk 1010 with Mike Towhey, painting live portraits for NYX Makeup, live painting at the Art Gallery of Ontario, as well as winning multiple Art Battles since 2016.

Currently, she works as a full-time artist and live event painter and hopes to inspire others through the limitless potential of art.

Artistic Statement

Through the course of my practice, I have grown to realize that connecting with the environment and the continuous pursuit of understanding identity has provided me with both a better understanding of myself and the impact of my relationship with my surroundings. This has resulted in a spark of fascination in exploring the correlation between human nature and mother nature. Through a combining of the themes of flora & fauna and the human figure, my work often capture a contemporary view of patterns and behaviours found in nature.

With this series I titled “Flow of Connection,” I wanted to explore the seemingly negative or empty spaces that we typically perceive as what separates us as individual organisms and visually emphasize the idea of still being energetically connected through this physical space.

In this digital era, where the larger part of our civilized society has increasingly grown dependent on technology to connect with each other, this series aims to start a conversation on the ways we as living, breathing, and growing individuals are all ultimately connected.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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