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K. D. Rae

K. D. Rae is Katherine Rae Diemert, an award-winning illustrator and designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. She completed her Bachelor of Illustration with Honours at Sheridan College in 2015. Katherine develops ideas into fresh illustrations, designs, and interactive projects for people as well as organizations that are unconventional and visionary. She uses a combination of analog and digital tools to create her work, mixing unique imagery with various processes to create work that pushes the envelope. Recently she published her first children’s book, and is currently working as a Lead Artist at Sago Mini, making art for apps that make kids laugh.

Artistic Statement

I create work using both traditional and digital media. A large part of my practice is spent experimenting and iterating, further developing techniques or mark making, while also digging deeper into the concept of the work. This is an intuitive process, developing organically as I work with the materials and repeating shapes. Often I will start with physical drawing and painting tools first, using rules and repetition to create precise free-hand drawings. Then I digitize the piece, manipulating the image on the computer to introducing unpredictability in some way, such as scanography. A drawing scanned multiple ways can end up looking completely different each time. The duality of these practices – traditional media versus digital tools – mirrors the themes in my work: geometric vs organic, motion vs stillness, seen vs unseen, and the natural world versus the man-made one.


Collage, Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Mixed Media

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