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Julianna Damer

Julianna Damer is a French-Canadian artist and photographer from Edmonton, Alberta currently practicing in Toronto, Ontario. She recently received her BFA in Photography Studies from Ryerson University. In 2013, she completed a BSc in Human Ecology at the University of Alberta with a major in Textiles & Clothing, which now largely informs her practice.

Photography, sculpture, video and installation allow her to study the potential of manipulation of materials and textiles and the tensions between control and acceptance of environmental influence. She often creates illusions through the play of two and three-dimensional photographic and sculptural objects in an attempt to challenge and reimagine ways of seeing and to suggest the artist’s hand in the process.

Artistic Statement

The idea of covering hoarding with art in an attempt to conceal construction sites and beautify streetscapes inspired me to create a work that transformed and enhanced a construction material.

I used the most quintessential construction site covering, the tarp, as its texture, density and malleability allowed me to use it as a canvas. I transformed the tarp by placing it strategically in front of trees and plants that were brightly lit by the sun to create delicate patterns through light and shadow. For some, the resulting photograph might suggest a resemblance with the cyanotype printing process. This process was not only used to make imprints of leaves and plants but it was also used to create architectural blueprints in its early days.

From across the street, passersby will see a striking kaleidoscopic pattern, while up close, the texture of the tarp and the details of the plants will be revealed.


Photography, Textile Art, Installation Art

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