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Joshua Advincula

Born and raised in downtown Toronto, Joshua is a self-taught artist who works across media such as painting, screen printing and drawing. Aware that the media he works with can change, he is currently artistically preoccupied with shapes, negative shapes and how our thoughts negotiate with what's missing. Joshua’s interests include basketball, cats, lightly misted spray paint, and oddly shaped ceramic bowls.

Artistic Statement

I create my work because it feels right for me to do so. I’ve always been drawing and making things since I was young and it’s something that I've never really stopped doing. I’m inspired by the people I interact with on a daily and life-long basis, and there's a need to reflect on my past experiences with them in a visual language. My work is a culmination of my practice—with every piece I make, I am conscious of every piece that I have made in the past. Painting feels like the opposite of, for example, tidying up my living room, but contrarily it feels like putting things where they belong. A manipulation of physical inclination—I feel both a need to make art and a need to make art in the way that I make it.


Collage, Illustration, Painting, Aerosol, Mixed Media

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