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Jordan Dunlop

Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Jordan Dunlop exhibited art from an early age and continuing throughout adulthood. Jordan's intention is to engage art with a child-like enthusiasm, made evident through voluminous output of drawings using Magnum Sharpie's, many small sketch books and reclaimed objects to draw and paint on. What keeps Jordan creating artwork is the transformation through the process of making such as automatic drawing, as well as experimental visual applications helping to propel artwork forward.

Artistic Statement

When drawing I use ink bleeds from Magnum Sharpies to create multiples. I both draw on the front and reverse the side of the picture plain, a method I as describe as dyslexic alchemy; transforming common marks into grand gestures simply by photo-shopping both image sides into one picture plane. This method of drawing fills a philosophical understanding of how the world works for me. We develop a way of working through intention which takes us only so far, as chance intervenes and erases our attempts to show us something new. The body of work highlights the relationships between art making, ritual, obsession and landscape. My recent body of work parallels psychological tools/forms such as Rorschach inkblots, urban discovery (a starting point for my drawings) as well as metaphysical disciplines such as automatic drawing (in which I focus on meditative states in the process of drawing).


Collage, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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