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Jonathan Nodrick

With over a decade of innovation in wallpaper design, Jonathan Nodrick, founder, CEO, and creative director of Rollout is relentless in his pursuit of reinvention. Nodrick’s curated collection of concepts, companies and personal connections highlight design prowess in an industry untamed, ultimately pushing the possibilities of graphics and technology in space.

Nodrick founded Rollout in 2005 with a singular vision: to be a design studio where creativity could thrive. Rollout went on to embody that vison and become an enterprise where art could coexist with great design to invigorate, inspire and ultimately disrupt decor. Rollout has enjoyed great success reinventing wallpaper and has since expanded their oeuvre to encompass large-scale artistic expressions of interior design.

Artistic Statement

Jonathan and Rollout's mission is to strive to invigorate, inspire, and shake up established notions of wallpaper design in the commercial design industry. The studio is continually reinterpreting large scale artistic expressions on wallpaper, drawing inspiration from many forms of visual art – from experimental street art and photographic imagery to abstract painting and surface explorations – all of which raise digitally printed wallpaper beyond the functional and into the spotlight of interior design.


Collage, Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Photography, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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