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John Beebe

Based in Toronto, John Beebe is an internationally exhibited photographer, educator and community animator who creates intimate and authentic portraits that capture the bracing humanity of extraordinary individuals who would describe themselves as “regular people.”

John’s work has been featured from the United Nations to the Democratic National Convention in Denver to the streets of Toronto. His work has been highlighted in media including the New York Times, Huffington Post, and CBC.

Artistic Statement

My work plays with opposing concepts - complex humanity vs. simple form, intimate open portraits vs. public exposed places. The process of creation is as much a part of the work as the final product. The public is engaged and becomes co-creators in the process.

I build a private studio in public spaces and then invite strangers to step and create an authentic portrait. The work is then exhibited back in the community - often in real time - to create a powerful reflection of the community. As a result both participants and the public are invited to stop, stare, and engage the people they pass everyday.



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