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Jocelyn Kearns

Jocelyn Kearns observes their surroundings and transmutes energy flow into visual expressions of extra-physical and extra-sensory happenings which are occurring around us at all times beyond our periphery. Jocelyn has arranged independent personal artist residencies in multiple countries based around mural artwork and creative services. Through these practices and many other things from lettering on chalk signs to limited editions of personalized letterpress greeting cards to hand painted clothing and accessories, the artist has learned many facets to physicalizing a vision projected from oneself and how that process differs when physicalizing a vision projected from another.

Artistic Statement

Through collective experience it is undeniable that the process of creation in its many forms, is the process of healing oneself and therefore also healing one's surroundings. In a world where separation is encouraged, the walls we build hold that in place. When art occurs on these barriers, it becomes simultaneously a separating and connecting element. The visual experience shared between two strangers is a bridge through which genuine communication can begin.


Illustration, Painting, Textile Art

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