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Jim Bravo

Jim was born in Ecuador and raised in downtown Toronto. Art was the obvious calling from a very early age and so Jim eventually attended The Ontario college of Art and Design where he majored in drawing and painting. Towards graduation, he focused on monumental and public art as the basis for future practice. The program did not exist so he had to invent it. Since graduating Jim has been in practice executing numerous private/corporate/city-funded commissions and initiatives.

Artistic Statement

I have lived in Toronto for almost my entire life, and have been forever envisioning and painting the city with my eyes each time I have come across a possible mural site. The uplifting effects that a well executed public artwork has on commuting citizens is not to be underestimated and must be mined to it's full culturally significant potential. I employ the traditional brush and paint mediums in order to successfully and clearly render images and themes devised after exhaustive research and consultation with all parties concerned.


Illustration, Painting

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