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Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin is a Toronto-based photographer and artist with a love of travel and adventure. While traveling in France in 2008, she discovered her creative passion for photographing new and different places. Trips to Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Japan, Cuba, the Azores islands, and the southern U.S. have allowed her to build up a library of images capturing these other worlds. Jessica extracts elements from her various photographs and recomposes them to create images with surreal layers, and turn places into fantasies. She created her first collection in 2012 using images from her trip to France.

In a more recent collection, Jessica explores landscapes closer to home, using photographs from many trips to Algonquin Park as well as two road trips out to the Maritime Provinces. The results are vast landscapes with magical skies – images that feel at once very familiar and very mysterious.

Jessica’s latest work is a whimsical exploration of the water, trees, and geological formations of the Azores, which she began during a water-themed residency in the mid-Atlantic islands last summer. These pieces also draw on childhood memories of the works of Dr. Suess and Jim Henson.

Artistic Statement

Traveling to new and unfamiliar places has given me an opportunity to experience a reality that feels closer to a fairy tale or dream. The combination of new sights, smells, and languages plays with my imagination and memory.

It’s this experience that inspired me to create collections that weave glimpses of far-off places with fantasy, and combines my passions for photography, art, and travel. These pieces contain decorative layers that turn ordinary things and places into surreal wanderings through an imaginary world.


Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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