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Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin is a Toronto-based freelance photographer. Her passion for travel and experiencing other cultures led her to begin creating art pieces from her many images of far-off places. These pieces contain decorative layers that turn ordinary things and places into surreal wanderings through an imaginary world.

When she isn’t traveling or creating artwork, Jessica is helping her artist and designer clients to document their own creations.

Artistic Statement

Traveling to new and unfamiliar places has given me an opportunity to experience a reality that feels closer to a fairy tale or a dream. The combination of new sights, smells, and languages plays with my imagination and memory.

It’s this experience that inspired me to create a collection that weaves glimpses of far-off places with fantasy, and combines my passions for photography, art, and travel. I'm fascinated by the idea of whimsical unseen worlds lurking just below the surface of the everyday, and have explored this potential in these pieces.


Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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