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Jerry Silverberg

Jerry Silverberg is a Toronto based multi disciplinary artist and educator. Primarily a printmaker, he has also produced large and small scale murals both in Toronto and in Santiago de Cuba, created an interactive sculpture game, and created print works shown in many galleries and cafes throughout the Toronto.

Most recently Jerry contributed to a group show of prints on Washi (Japanese paper) at Open Studio. His illustrative work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Walrus Magazine, The New York Times, and Washington Post.

Artistic Statement

My work is primarily based on the human form, and on human interactions and narrative in nature. Intentionally, the work is ambiguous leaving room for the viewer to create their own narrative.

I love to draw and will often sit in cafes or parks and sketch a scene. These scenes, whether a man or woman walking a dog, people in conversation, children playing, etc. will become material for a print or painted work. On a larger scale, the mural as a canvas allows for greater interaction, as each work of art should be engaging, interesting, evocative, and a beautiful story.


Illustration, Painting

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