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Jennifer Ilett

Jennifer Ilett is a Toronto-based (Hong Kong born) multidisciplinary artist and designer. In her practice, she explores multiple avenues of creative communication, including design, illustration, installation art, and mural works. She is co-founder and creative director at Supermilk Studio, a creative design studio in Toronto, with a special enthusiasm for working on projects that exist in the physical world, not just online.

Artistic Statement

I began my artistic career as an illustrator, doing editorial illustration. As time passed, I began exploring alternate avenues of creative expression, and ways to engage more with my community. I helped launch Bedroomer, a music and arts collective in Toronto. I illustrated album art and designed various promotional materials, as well as creating immersive installations for events. Working with Bedroomer helped me realize that you can really connect with people through art and create experiences that turn viewers into participants. This is something I continue to draw from in my art practice. I aim to create art that people can identify with and engage with.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Installation Art, Mixed Media

Artist Website

http://jenniferilett.com and http://supermilk.studio

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