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Jeff Blackburn

Jeff Blackburn is an artist/illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario. His drawings and paintings have a graphic quality with a strong emphasis on line and texture. Themes explored in past exhibitions have included the transitory nature of personal interaction, presentation of self, and the downfall of celebrity. His most recent works examine one’s sense of identity within unfamiliar landscapes, as demonstrated through an exploration of nature encroaching back into urban environments.

Artistic Statement

I grew up being saturated and inspired with Toronto graffiti and street art. It was through this art that I first saw the possibility of creating entire stylized universes. The streets were alive with vibrant characters and landscapes.

My gallery work is still steeped in the urban environments, but I am also now taking my characters and putting them out into the very spaces that exist in my illustrations. The juxtaposition of outdoor imitating indoor and vice versa is an ongoing theme I’ve been playing with and will continue to explore.


Illustration, Painting, Aerosol

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