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Jeff Blackburn

Jeff Blackburn is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Heavily inspired by comic books, illustration, and graffiti, Blackburn’s work is known for its emphasis on line and texture, focusing on the linear deconstruction of form through a series of exploratory contour lines. Recent paintings are constructed by merging contemporary urban art aesthetics with more traditional painterly techniques.

Artistic Statement

With over a decade of experience producing projects for exhibition and clients, Blackburn’s work is figurative, with pieces showcasing the interplay of light and hue through topographic contours. Energy and motion are made visible through his luminous use of colour. Textural aesthetics provide the viewer with a visceral experience that awakens the sense of touch. Mainly working in a combination of aerosol and acrylic paint, he has adapted his visual style and techniques to many forms of media.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol, Mixed Media

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