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Javid JAH

Javid’s interest in social innovation drives his expression as an artist-designer. Incorporating a range of techniques, his process can be described as series of experiments in multi-disciplinary platforms. Javid is currently based out of a live-work studio-gallery representing a collective of community-based artists in Kensington Market, Toronto.

JAH has been painting murals since 2000. His work blurs the critical lines between graffiti, mural art, and revitalization. A co-founder of LOFT's Under the Radar, Javid is committed to youth engagement, mentoring emerging artists in the process of developing sustainable art and design projects.

Artistic Statement

I am intrigued by how a public space can affect our individual agency. For years I have attempted to provoke social change through the process of mural creation.

Currently, I'm bridging the knowledge and expertise of this collaborative process with an understanding of architecture and urban planning - how can the built environment re-appropriate its residual setbacks, interstitial spaces, alleyways and fragmented corridors to catalyze participation and creation within public space?


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