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Janet Taylor

Janet Taylor earned a BFA in painting from Queen’s University, then took a short but absorbing thirty-year detour into graphic design, typography, animation, game creation, web design, and photography. In 2016, Taylor returned to fine art and has been building her studio practice since then. Each of these disciplines has contributed to her current artistic practice, integrating photography, painting, and drawing to explore the strong design and nuanced narrative intrinsic to the natural world.

Artistic Statement

Taylor is obsessed with extraordinary moments that surface within the mundane — a fragment of harmony as you brush through a field, a blink of pattern in branches overhead, or echoing ripples on a gentle morning lake. Taylor describes these moments as a fugitive beauty that seizes your soul to create a perfect moment of existence. It may be a moment of peace or awe or joy, but Taylor earnestly believes having that fleeting glimpse of energy and connection to the macrocosm is the reason she makes art. Her paintings and prints take that gifted moment, a whisper of structure, or a glance at colour and light, to give these concepts a permanent form. Taylor blends expressive marks and painted surfaces in layered textures and shapes that express both the frailty of revelation and an enduring holistic design.


Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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