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Jahmal Nugent

Jahmal Nugent (AKA Ninjahmal) is a self-taught photographer and creative. Ninjahmal’s passion lies in capturing profound, overlooked moments. After receiving his first camera several years ago, he felt empowered to fully pursue his artistic dreams. Ninjahmal experiments with diverse types of photography; however, he primarily draws joy and motivation from capturing the ephemeral moments that seldom get noticed.

Artistic Statement

Ninjahmal’s creative process varies based on the project or whatever creative idea he is envisioning. This innovative process can range from having every aspect planned out with a team supporting project creation, or it may require visiting particular spaces and places multiple times to capture the perfect shot. Other than his camera, Ninjahmal primarily depends on found objects and affordable materials to realize his artistic vision.


Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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