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Jacklyn Atlas

Jacklyn Atlas is a local photographer from Toronto. Primarily, she shoots location portraiture for use in print and web campaign materials and has worked with diverse clientele from corporate, public and artistic sectors. A strong collaborator, she enjoys involving herself in all levels of a project. Both in-studio and on-location, Jacklyn embraces the creative possibilities in every project. Jacklyn holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design from the York University/Sheridan Institute Honours Bachelor of Design program and a Photography Certificate from the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

Artistic Statement

I thrive on the challenges and complexity of combining unique and uncontrollable mediums in unexpected ways. My materials include water, paint, and a variety of photographic equipment. I am fascinated by the strength, power and calmness of water. While creating, I am inspired by the world around me. My images are a manifestation of how I think, structured chaos, my thoughts always morphing in new directions. My images are intended to incite the viewer to interpret them subjectively and in the moment. They are as dynamic as they are still.


Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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