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Holly Machado

Holly Machado is a Portuguese-Canadian born and raised in the Rua Azores community of Toronto. At a young age she was encouraged by her family and educators to pursue art and express herself visually.

It was easy for her to develop her artistic talent being one of the many artists in her family, including musicians, designers, dancers, and creative writers, among whom include lead singer of The Clicks, Lucas Silveira; designers Andrea Silveira & Catrina Silveira of Chirp Craft; and Off the Dial music reviewer Chistopher Andrade.

Artistic Statement

Holly’s turbulent upbringing has fueled her passion for art and aided the development of her artistic talent into a method of emotional expression and story telling. She has explored her creativity using multiple mediums including printmaking and photography, but prefers drawing with pen and ink, working on computerized illustrations, and painting with watercolour and oil. Machado's success with art creation has developed her passion to encourage parents, educators and caregivers to enforce art expression in children and embrace early societies first form of communication, pictorial expression.

Holly is currently using her visual arts talent and passion for positive child development in Toronto's Shelter Support and Housing Division, working as an Activity Organizer in one of the largest city run Family Shelters in the city. Machado will always consider herself an artist above all else and will always be exploring the art of creation. Her current work focuses on the creation of characters and personae inspired by traveling via public transit.



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