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Heidi Berton

Heidi Berton is a freelance illustrator living and working in Toronto. A graduate of OCAD University, she finds her inspiration in hand lettering, sequential art, and traditional printmaking techniques. Heidi creates her illustrations using ink, paint, pencil as well as screen-printed and digital techniques. When she is not drawing, you can probably find her watching old reruns of The Bachelor and spilling coffee on herself.

Artistic Statement

I always have a couple sketchbooks going at once where I keep ideas floating around when I am not currently working on any specific project. My illustrations focus on shape and colour, while usually concentrating on figures. I don't draw realistically so I embrace the freedom I have with drawing and exaggerating human bodies, using them to create shapes and fill spaces, creating characters that are fairly indistinctive, and in turn, hopefully relatable.



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