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Angel Chen & Hayley Imerman

Angel Chen is a Taiwanese-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. Her work involves social engagement, installation, and drawing. With a background in philosophy, she explores various forms of human connections in frameworks of socializing and communicating. She has facilitated letter-writing socials worldwide, telephone conversations between strangers, and a variety of public installations.

Hayley Imerman is a designer with an interest in urban ecology, transformative reuse, and the relationship between built form and social interaction. Raised in Vancouver, Hayley now lives in Toronto where she works as an architectural professional and contributes to a number of grassroots art and design groups.

Artistic Statement

As a team, we are interested in how people interact with urban spaces. Our work is interventionist in nature; we seek to insert points of engagement in the urban fabric in order to instigate reflection and dialogue. Through careful observation of overlooked spaces, we create contextual work that invites viewers to think about their urban environment or aspects of contemporary culture in a new light.


Illustration, Installation Art

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