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Fats Patrol

Fats (patrol) is a Dubai born Indian-Canadian artist. The last few years have seen her involved in street art projects in Toronto, the UK, Jersey City, London (UK), Jordan, Australia and the UAE. Her work ranges from studio work on canvas and found objects to digital illustration to murals. An advocate for the value of art to the individual and to society Fats' professional life has covered everything from working in art galleries to commercial, community and public art. Influenced by mythology, calligraphy, social behaviour and psychology and comic books, her work revolves around narrative and mark making. Fats has a BA in Art & Culture from the University of Toronto and an MA in sociology from Goldsmiths in the UK. She is currently pursuing a diploma in Art Therapy from the Toronto Art Therapy Insitute.

Artistic Statement

I've lived with art my entire life. I believe in it not only in terms of what it does for me as an individual but also what it can do for a community, for society, for the world. That being my reason for currently working on a diploma in art therapy. Through my work I've always aimed to highlight the value I think that art has, be it working on community arts or with commercial clients.The way it can help people deal with their own circumstances, come together as a community, highlight and celebrate individuality and on a purely aesthetic level, give us something better to look at then what we see everywhere all the time and of course, spread messages, tell stories and inspire imagination. In public space, art has the ability to turn spaces into places. To bring magic and romance to otherwise mundane and dehumanized spaces. With the way world is these days, we all need a little magic. In my public work I do research in to a lot of the imagery I'm using to put elements together that tell a story or have a moral and resonates with people who walk by. These messages aren't obvious though so people can also imagine their own narratives and interpretations.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol

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