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Erin McCluskey

Erin McCluskey is an emerging artist working in Toronto. She studied Theatre at the University of Ottawa before completing a Bachelor of Design in Illustration at OCAD University. She creates images that exist on paper, walls, objects, spaces, and stages. Erin is interested in using imagery as an opportunity to explore the world, the environment and social issues.

Artistic Statement

Drawing and painting form the backbone of Erin’s practice. She works back and forth between digital and analog, creating a conversation between these approaches resulting in new perspectives within her art. Inspired by myth and fiction, she is interested in revisiting stories and connecting them to current issues. She is particularly passionate about using art for social change. What lies underneath the decoration, the patterns, the bright colours, is her foremost concern. Some of her current interests include puppetry, book illustration, murals, and plein air painting.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Mixed Media

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