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Erin Candela

Erin Candela is originally from northern BC, but now lives and works in Toronto ON. She is a co-founder and contributing artist of Graven Feather Studio and Gallery. Her work could be described as a scattered attempt to express some kind of national memory or myth and document the elusive weave of a particularly Canadian experience. Many of her images are inspired by old photographs, new documents, common stories and personal explorations. In general this is expressed through drawing and painting, but she also enjoys printmaking and playing with clay on a regular basis.

Artistic Statement

I love the idea that art can capture a feeling or reality that isn't quite able to be articulated with words. I am often inspired by the Canadian landscape, the wild animals and the plants, the politics and geology of our land, and these things take on important roles in my art, revealing elements of a collective mythology or spirit. I also am intrigued by elements of identity; historical documents such as photographs, public school books, nature encyclopedias and community journals and other unreliable sources. Themes of memory and identity are frequently present in my drawings and paintings. Ideas of North, nature as a mystic background or catalyst for experience, and portentous depictions of wild creatures and characters are also common and contribute to an ambiguous narrative in my work. All of these images and ideas create relationships with each other, building a set of stories and themes that infuse and lay beneath the day-to-day of life here in this place we call home.


Illustration, Painting, Stencil Art, Mixed Media

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