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Eric Diotte

Eric is a freelance illustrator living in Toronto and originally from Ottawa. Upon finishing his BA in Illustration at Sheridan College, the artist moved back home for a short period time before realizing that Toronto, with its vibrant culture, was where he needed to be. He have been living in Toronto ever since and works from home as an illustrator for newspapers and magazines such as the Globe & Mail, The Boston Globe, Smithsonian Magazine, Scientific American, among others.

Artistic Statement

My work aims to make visual solutions for abstract and amorphous themes/ideas. I am fascinated by the process of refining an idea into a visual representation that can instantly be read or evoke an emotion/state of mind. My work borrows its aesthetic from street art, comic books, cubism, realism and distills them into a unique voice. I use mainly acrylic paints with touches of spray paint in the form of stencils. Designing a great composition is my favourite part of the process and I believe is a crucial step in making great work. From there, everything else is a breeze.



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