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Enna Kim

Enna Kim (AKA fongkikid) is a visual artist, and current student at OCAD University studying Digital Futures. Using her architectural influences to identify the interaction between physical forms of buildings and organic shapes of people. Enna's work aims to deconstruct her chaotic imagination through a strong sense of colour in 3D space.

Enna has worked closely with companies like VICE, Fido, Forrec Ltd and TEDxRyerson, creating animations, installations and illustrations, and has since shown work within various galleries within Toronto. Local venues include Nuit Blanche, Black Cat Artscape, Artscape Youngplace, and OCAD University. Enna has been involved with revitalizing public spaces through mural work collaborating with programs like StreetARToronto (StART). Her mural work has been internationally showcased by festivals like Burning Man. Enna has received the Sustainability and Energy Prize for the NXT City Prize Competition, proposing an elevated bike lane within Toronto.

Artistic Statement

My creative process is a dynamic one, following certain constraints, but carefully pushing the boundaries of experimental forms through 3D modelling software. Each image captures an instance of an ongoing exploration in colour, light, form, space and movement. I see architecture not as a static field, but as an energy that is constantly in flux. Architectural space only has meaning when people are occupying it, moving within it, forming spatial and social relationships that define and articulate it, creating patterns similar to those seen in my work.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Aerosol, Photography, Stencil Art, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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