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Eileen Tichauer

Eileen has a B.A. in Fine Arts from L.I.U. CW Post. She studied art in university primarily as a printmaker. She was in search of a new way to express her creativity that would have more flexibility. Working in acrylic paint on canvas offered her this freedom and the opportunity to work on a larger scale.

Artistic Statement

Growing up in New York City and living in Toronto, I have always been inspired by the vibrancy of my surroundings. These paintings reflect the liveliness of city living and the observations of life experiences created in a playful and distinctive style. My paintings have evolved into a kaleidoscope of geometric patterns using colour and shape to enhance, intensify and elevate the design.
I work as if completing a puzzle, balancing the flow of colour and shapes while repeating the patterns to create a sense of movement and harmony. My art is a process based on what I feel inwardly and my interpretation of the visual experience I have with my surroundings.


Painting, Installation Art

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