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Eileen Tichauer

Eileen has a BA in Fine Arts from LIU, CW POST, she studied art in University primarily as a printmaker. She was in search of a new way to express her creativity that would have more flexibility. Working with acrylic paint on canvas offered her this freedom, and an opportunity to work on a larger scale.

Eileen begins each piece with a colour palette and basic form. She continuously works as if she is completing a puzzle, always balancing the flow of colour and shape while creating movement and harmony. Her art is a process based on how she feels inwardly and her interpretation of the visual experience she has with her surroundings.

Artistic Statement

Growing up in New York City and living in Toronto since 1980, I have always been inspired by the vibrancy of my surroundings. These paintings evoke the feelings of aerial viewings of cities and towns as well as the many celebrations that are part of the liveliness of city living: abstract, map-like overviews of buildings and roads and observations of life experiences are created in a playful and distinctive style.

I work as if completing a puzzle, balancing the flow of colour and shape while repeating patterns that create a sense of movement and harmony. My art is a process based on what I feel inwardly and my interpretation of the visual experience I have with my surroundings.


Painting, Installation Art

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